Terms & Conditions

Flora Purchases

Flora purchases may be shipped via USPS Priority, UPS, or Fedex Service:

Ground 3-5 day shipping is available for a flat rate of $14.99. This can be via USPS, UPS, or FedEx – at the discretion of ILLExotics.  This covers the cost of shipping and our packing materials.  Tracking information will be provided via email at the time of shipment. This method does NOT guarantee a safe arrival during the winter months.

Please note:  ILLExotics is not responsible for shipping delays within the postal system. Unfortunately once a package leaves our Greenhaus (with or without a heat pack) during extreme temperatures, we are unable to guarantee a safe arrival. The buyer assumes the responsibility to monitor their local temperatures. Heatpacks will be included in the winter months at no additional cost.

Express Overnight is available for a flat rate of  $59.99.  This option is best when your local temperatures are outside of the optimal 85° high and 50° low range, or when  you are purchasing delicate plants such as anthurium. This method includes an arrive alive guarantee on all flora purchases.

Curious when your order will be arriving? We send out packages all throughout the week. Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be pulled, packed and shipped. Tracking information will be provided via email once your order is en route to you. In the event of extreme weather in Philadelphia, ILLExotics may choose to delay shipping for a warmer day.

In the event of delay – please file a claim directly with USPS and alert us of the issue to do the same. Be sure to turn on tracking text or email notifications to ensure that your package does not sit unattended. Refunds or replacements  of plants cannot be issued until the package is in the customers, or our possession.

In the event of  heat or cold damage – ground shipments are not guaranteed. Overnight service provides arrive alive insurance. Buyer must email us within 1 hour of the time stamped delivery. You have one hour to contact us with any issues only to ensure the plant has not been left outside in extreme heat or cold weather conditions for an extended period of time before the package is retrieved.  This policy is in place because we guarantee the plant will arrive alive with express service, but cannot guarantee it will survive after being left in extreme  high or low temps (above 85 or below 50 degrees F) for more than an hour.  Guarantee will be voided if you contact us outside this window.

ILLExotics is not responsible for minor cosmetic damage – (i.e a broken leaf) incurred during transit or customer unpacking.

Due to the nature of living things, your new plant will need to acclimate to your conditions post travel stress. We strongly urge you to allow your new arrival to acclimate to your conditions before you chose to repot and disturb the roots. We do not offer a “stay alive” guarantee on any flora due to the unique nature of each and every plant species with different care requirements.

Have questions about how to care for your plant? We are happy to  share asome of our plant-care knowledge and tips to aid in happy growing – just send us an email or DM on social media platforms!

Reptile Purchasing Procedures

Pet ownership is a serious and long term responsibility.  Many exotics have an average lifespan of 6 to 20 years and some live much longer than that.  At ILLExotic’s we want to ensure that each person who purchases an animal not only be aware of the commitment, but that each is capable and willing to accept that responsibility – morally, physically, and financially.

We take pride in our exotic care at ILLExotic’s. All animals are captive bred, never taken from the wild. We provide healthy animals in proper habitats to our customers and spend time educating the public on sustainable populations to purchase from. Purchasing a captive bred individual supports breeders within the United States and directly contributes to a healthy wild population of these animals. It is up to us as consumers to take a more responsible approach to owning exotics.

When an animal is sent home from ILLExotic’s, you will be asked to show proof of proper setup prior to the animal being sent home. We want to ensure that each animal’s individual needs will be met when heading to their forever homes.

A living animal purchase agreement will be sent to you via DocuSign after purchase. It is to be filled out in entirety and returned to us via email prior to scheduling shipping or local pickup. Completion of this form does not constitute an agreement to purchase.  ILLExotic’s and it’s employees, resume the right to decline any purchase. After careful review of the forms, a purchaser will be either approved or denied. Upon approval, we will contact you to schedule a pickup or shipping date. A refund will be issued if we feel the animals’ needs are not capable of being met by the purchaser. 

All fauna purchases must be shipped via FEDEX Priority Overnight to our customers. When shipping, we offer an “Arrive Alive and Stay Alive” guarantee on all fauna purchases. This means that your animal(s) is guaranteed to arrive alive and well!  We take great pride and care in keeping and raising our animals and hope that they make a smooth transition from our home, to yours! Therefore, we ensure that your animal is healthy upon the time of shipping and we guarantee their health for a 24 hour period post delivery. If a freak accident lending to a DOA (Dead on Arrival) occurs during shipping, such as the package being delayed – please contact us within this time window to report any issues. Clear photos and details are a MUST to qualify for a refund in the form of store credit, or replacement (if available) for the animal. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees on fauna outside of this 24 hour window – due to the simple fact the animal is no longer in our care.  Please be sure to do your research on your new exotic pet before purchasing! We are here to answer any care or husbandry questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fauna Shipping Safety

ILLExotics reserves the right to hold any live fauna shipments as a pickup from your local Fedex Hub if we believe extreme high or low temperatures may cause harm to the animals that you have purchased. If there is a specific hub you prefer your package held, please let us know at the time of purchase. The shipyourreptiles and reptilesexpress shipping service does not allow shipments to be sent in daytime temperatures below 38 or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


All live plant sales are final due the delicate nature of each plant. We do not accept returns once they have left our facility.

Please refer to the return/surrender policy outlined in our DocuSign regarding the return of any amphibian, invertebrate, or reptile.

Dry Goods Return Policy

We accept returns on dry good products for full refund within a 48 hours post delivery to our customers. Returns will still be accepted outside of the 48 hour post delivery window,  within a 7 day period – for store credit only. Products must be sealed, unopened, and unused in the original manufacturer packaging as received.  The customer is responsible for paying return shipping to ILLExotics, and we will issue a full refund of the original amount paid upon receipt.

ILLExotics does NOT cover original shipping cost or return shipping cost.

If your product arrives damaged, be sure to contact us within 48 hours of delivery with photos of the damaged goods for replacements at no additional cost. Reptile lightbulbs are tested to ensure functionality before shipping, in the event of damage during shipping, please file a claim with USPS directly.