Yellow Nigerian Uromastyx


Uromastyx geyri

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Captive bred juvenile Uromastyx geyri, bred in the US! A great first reptilian pet, because they do not “require” live insects as a staple diet. 40 gallon terrarium is considered appropriate for a single adult animal. Strictly vegetarian; eating a diet of collards, dandelion, romaine, mustard greens, endive, raddichio, etc. Fresh millet and dry lentil seeds are also staple. It is a relatively large, robust species that on first impression reminds many people of a tortoise without a shell, sporting a spiky tail. Quite prehistoric!


You may submit a request for sexed animals, and we will try our best to select what is desired, but please understand that it is tough to ensure male or female at this age – therefore, we cannot guarantee sex on this listing.


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