Drosophila Fruit Fly Culture


Drosophila sp. 

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Fruit flies are an essential feeder for poison dart frogs, raising mantids or tarantula slings,  or young reptiles.  Please specify producing or non-producing when purchasing. We have four different varieties to chose from:

Melanogaster – small and flightless!  Perfect for young dart frogs or tiny spiderlings.
Turkish Gliders – small, produce faster than melanogaster. While they cannot fly upwards, they can glide which keeps the hunt more exciting for your pet.
Hydei – a larger fruit fly species and flightless. Perfect for your adult dart frogs or baby lizards.
Golden Hydei – are actually an albino morph, making them easier to spot for your pet versus the above black colored species.

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Melanogaster, Turkish Glider, Hydei, Golden Hydei


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