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Variegated Aluminum Plant 4″


Pilea cadierei

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This listing is for a 4” potted Pilea cadierei variegata – aka the Aluminum plant,  native to the Vietnam. Aptly named, the foliage looks like it has been splashed with aluminum paint. This is an upright, shrubby plant that is noted for its textured green and silver foliage in its wild form, but these variegated ones are simply stunning!  A fabulous species for terrarium cultivation.  You are purchasing a plant similar to the one pictured that is lush with multiple growths in the pot. Great for planting in vivaria, or as house plant in bright indirect light.

Please note that these plants are delicate and may experience some leaf drop from shipping stress. They will bounce back with a vengeance after being acclimated to their new growing conditions.


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