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Philodendron verrucosum 3″


Philodendron verrucosum

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This listing is for a 3″ potted Philodendron verrucosum ‘Mini’ – this is one of our favorite philodendron here at ILLExotics, as it  matures into a show stopping specimen. Native to Ecuador, sporting fuzzy petioles and beautiful velvet pleated foliage with a red underside – mini cultivar of the species is a rather easy growing plant when grown in a terrarium or vivarium setting with constant humidity above 80% and regular misting.  It can prove difficult to grow as a standard houseplant due to its humidity requirements. You are purchasing a  3″ potted propagation that is well started and actively growing!

Please note that these plants are extremely fragile – while we do our best with packing, please expect a minor cosmetic bump or tear upon arrival.


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