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Organic Kill Bug 4oz


Amorphous Silica

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ILLExotics “Kill Bug” is a 100% non-toxic and organic way to kill annoying mites and bugs! This product is safe for use around children and pets. Instructions: sprinkle a layer of kill bug over your topsoil covering the pests (this method is best for fungus gnats and soil mites) , use your fingers to work it through your top soil. Wash hands when done!

For foliage mites/bugs, mix two tablespoons into mister bottle with water. Shake well and soak your plant. When dry, kill bug will eliminate your problem.  For bad infestations, repeat treatment above one week later to kill that bug!

Kill Bug is fine to use near terrariums as long as the herps do not come in direct contact with it. It’s not toxic, but can irritate eyes, clog nostrils etc. Do not inhale!

Active Ingredient: Amorphous Silica


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