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Medinilla coccinea 3″


Medinilla ‘Gregori Hambali’

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This listing is for a 3″ potted Medinilla coccinea a species formerly known as Medinilla ‘Gregori Hambali’ – a native to Papua, New Guinea that sports vibrant, pink flowers along the upright woody stems of this beautiful plant. It’s wonderful foliage is deeply veined, a felted green upper side and a muted red on the underside – makes it simply stunning even when not flowering.This species of Medinilla does form sugar crystals on the undersides of it’s foliage, not to be confused with pests! In nature this fosters a symbiotic relationship with ants that provide the plant with protection in exchange for a sweet snack. They will thrive in a large terrarium setting or as a houseplant as long as they are grown in high humidity of 70% or higher. The plants available are similar to the one pictured  with 3 + leaves each.

Please note that these plants are delicate shippers, and you may experience some leaf drop from transit stress. Rest assured though that in proper conditions, the plant will rebound quickly!


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