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Licuala ‘Mapu’ 3″


Licuala mattenensis ‘Mapu’

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This listing is for a 3″ potted Licuala mattenensis ‘Mapu’. This is an extremely rare variety of “Fan palm” that is native to the Borneo rainforest, growing in very shaded areas. This visually stunning palm has a mottled pattern of coloration on the leaves, that highlights the tessellated foliage beautifully. This palm is very slow growing when young, and it requires a lot of humidity (70% or higher at all times), while still allowing it to slightly dry out in between waterings. This palm is excellent for growing in larger terraria. You will receive a 3″ potted and actively growing seedling, similar to the plant in the second photo. Pictured first is our mature mother specimen!


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