Ghost Orchid 4”


Dendrophylax (sallei X lindenii)

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This listing is for a mounted, young Dendrophylax (sallei x lindenii) orchid! These plants have been hardened off since deflasking and are already attaching to their mounts.  This a leafless orchid that photosynthesizes within it’s roots, and produces an amazing flower!  This cross is much easier to grow than the pure lindenii species, though still a plant best left for the experienced grower. The ghost orchid thrives in high humidity situations (>78%) and in moderately bright indirect light.  Water by misting biweekly when actively growing and less frequently when dormant (fall/winter). A terrarium setting or humid greenhouse is best to cultivate this plant. These plants are approximately 3 or more years from flowering size. You are purchasing a plant similar to the one pictured second, mounted on a 4″ wood flat. Due to the difficult-to-grow nature of this plant, we are not able to guarantee it past its live-arrival guarantee.

Please note, we do not guarantee flowers when shipping. We will do our best to ensure arrival intact – but we will not offer refunds on damaged or broken flowers.


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