Ghost Mantis

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Phyllocrania paradoxa

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Ghost Mantis, aka Phyllocrania paradoxa, is a remarkable species of mantis from Africa. With an overall body shape being leaf-like, its easy to see why this mantis was dubbed the “ghost”. These are L2 individuals captive bred here in the US and raised by our team here at ILLExotics.

2 reviews for Ghost Mantis

  1. Jaiden

    I bought my little mantis yesterday. Thanos is doing very well and is being his cute adorable self.

  2. pinkjacket

    Came in to check them out, very nice crew! Helped me learn about their care before buying one! Came back and they were able to take a good guess at what the sex of the mantis would be, and they were dead on! Highly impressed with the knowledge these guys have, definite professionals. Thank you!!!!

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