Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ 4″

Alocasia baginda
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This listing is for a 4″ potted Alocasia  baginda ‘Dragon Scale’  –  our favorite Alocasia, here at ILLExotics.  Sometimes referred to as the “Green Dragon”, the mature leaf coloration is simply spectacular! The dragon scale type alocasia are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and may lose leaves on its way to you or as it gets used to your home. Not to worry, it will grow new leaves from its corm once acclimated. It’s leaves are thick and rigid, with stunning color contrast as the plant matures.  The first picture demonstrates mature foliage. You are purchasing a beautiful young plant establishing in 4″ pots, expect a plant similar to the one pictured in the second picture, with 3+ leaves.

Please note that these plants may be shipped bare root to save on shipping costs.


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