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Cissus amazonica 3”


Cissus amazonica

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This listing is for a 3” potted Cissus amazonica – an attractive vine native to the jungles of Brazil. This vine grows rapidly  in high humidity and will quickly take over an area by wrapping its tendrils around anything it can get hold of. This species, along with others in the genus, produce a natural secretion of tiny opaque dots, called cystolyths along the leaves and stem. These little crystals are sometimes confused with pests, but are not harmful. You are purchasing a plant similar to the one pictured that is lush with multiple lead vines. Great for planting in larger vivaria, or grown in a hanging basket in the home.

Please note that these plants are delicate and may experience some leaf drop from shipping stress. They will bounce back with a vengeance after being acclimated to their new growing conditions.


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