Anthurium scandens 4″

Anthurium scandens

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This listing is for a 4″ potted Anthurium scandens, also known as  Dracontium scandens. This compact, dwarf/miniature anthurium stays petite with a climbing growth habit widely distributed from southern Mexico to Central and South America. It grows a well developed system of roots to support the fleshy stems with elliptical leaves, glossy green above and mottled brown below, an upright or sometimes pendent inflorescence followed by lavender berries that produce seed. They like bright indirect light and to dry out slightly in between watering.  This is a fantastic terrarium or vivarium species! 4″ potted in coconut husk, ready to be mounted. Most are multi growth plants producing inflorescences.

Please note that these plants may be shipped bare root to save on shipping costs.


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