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Our Story

ILLExotics is a group of dedicated reptile breeders located in Philadelphia with a goal and focus to provide quality captive bred exotic pets from around the world to our customers. We have over 20 years of combined experience within the field and this has quickly grown to become each of our passions. Our business philosophy is to not only provide quality animals, but to also be here to educate and answer any and all questions you may have in relation to your new exotic acquisition!

Meet the Team


Franco Franchina

I have always had a passion for exotics since young; working with fresh and saltwater aquaria, exotics birds, and other small animals as a child. My obsession however, was always with plants and reptiles. This interest culminated into obtaining my degree in the field –  I graduated from Stockton University with a Biology degree having concentration on horticulture and herpetology. I have been enthralled with species orchids from around the world striving to cultivate some if the most unique flowers in captivity.  And  also the Chamaeleonidae family has a special space in my heart. These reptiles have captivated my interest to the highest level. I strive to not only captive breed and provide sustainable, healthy animals to those with similar interest as mine – but to also educate and share knowledge with those whom I cross paths with.  ILLExotics has always been a dream of mine, and I’m ecstatic to watch it turn into reality.

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Chris Urban

I have always found exotic fauna and flora to be absolutely fascinating, having several exotic pets growing up. My background, however, is in the arts. I traveled the world for 5 years as a performance artist – throughout my travels I was captivated by nature’s beauty and the endemic animals to each unique environment. After meeting Franco, he stoked this interest to another level! I have since become transfixed on amphibians. My passion lies with dart frogs and tree frogs – and creating the naturalistic vivaria for each species that we keep. I share the hope to educate the public about I hope to one day takeILLExotics into Center City schools and teach children about conservation and the need to preserve the world’s natural environments (while showing them some truly awesome plants and animals)!

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